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Promoting the Coconut Industry in Nigeria

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JAFE Vol.  8(4): 1-5, 2021
Promoting the Coconut Industry in Nigeria

Abu, R.A., Abdul-Qadir, M.I., Bankole, A.S., Adakaren, B., Unuabonah, E., Okere, R.A.,

 Akparanta, C.D. and Osifo, M.O.


The study examined the coconut industry in Nigeria. Specifically it mirrored the coconut production and export situation in the country. Secondary data were used for this study and analysis of data was done with the use of descriptive statistics such as frequency counts and percentages. The analysis showed a relatively flat trend in coconut production in Nigeria with marginal increases in production for the period under review. Based on 2018 figures for the world’s most exporting countries, Indonesia was the largest exporter of coconuts in the world, exporting 52% of total world export. Thailand came next followed by Vietnam. These two countries held 23% share of total exports. Cote d’Ivoire, Malaysia, Guyana, Mexico and India exported 17% of total world coconut export. Other exporting countries jointly accounted for the remaining 8%. Nigeria is not recognized as a major exporter of coconut. This could be as a result of a general low output trend or production due to little or no increase in the area under coconut plantation and/or low yield. There should be sustained public enlightenment, adequate funding of NIFOR and the establishment of coconut estates across the country to boost production.

Keywords:Coconut, industry, promoting, trend
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