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JAFE Vol. 6 (1): 32-44, 2019


Moisture Conservation Techniques and Micro-Climate Moderation for Late Season Production of Selected Maize (Zea mays)  Varieties in Southeastern Nigeria

Emma-Okafor, L.C., Obiefuna, J.C., Okoli, N.A., Nwaigwe, M.O., Abana, P.C., Keyagha E.R. and Ibeawuchi, I.I.

The experiment assessed the growth and yield of four maize varieties – TZSR (W), TZESR(Y), DMRSR (Y) and local Oka-Nkporo grown under four sources of mulch (bare, grass, wood shavings and egusi melon). The experiment was laid in a randomized complete block design of four replicates, and executed for two consecutive years. Growth and yield data correlations of maize for the two years were analyzed statistically using Genstat (2008) for Windows. Partial input-output analysis as maize production enterprises was summarized. Mulched maize varieties attained superior growth and higher yields than the control. Although all improved maize varieties were superior to the local Oka-nkporo, the improved TZSR (W) produced the highest maize yield (4.14 tha-1) (P< 0.05). The TZESR(Y) matured earliest and out-yielded Oka-nkporo and DMRSR (Y). Mulched maize varieties tolerated lodging, stem borer and termite infestation better than the control. However, the Oka-nkporo was the most susceptible variety in both mulched and unmulched late maize production systems. Most yield components correlated positively and significantly (P< 0.05) with maize grain yields except in TZESR(Y) maize variety where days to 50% tasselling and silking significantly and negatively correlated with maize grain yield. The maize/wood shavings enterprise incurred a net loss, (in Nigerian Naira), of – N9500.00 per hectare. TZSR (W) maize/trash and maize/melon enterprises gained N4,800.00 and N14,900.00 respectively per hectare. Maize/melon intercrop (melon live mulch) is advocated for late season maize production for high return on inputs in southeastern Nigeria.


Moisture, late season, pest, maize enterprise

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