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JAFE Vol. 6 (1): 53-61, 2019


Comparison of Selected Physico-Chemical Properties of Upland and Swampland Soils in the Tropical Rainforest of Delta State, Nigeria

Alama, I.S., Akparobi, S.O., Emuh, F.N. and Egbuchua, C.N.

A comparison was made between upland and swampland soils in Abbi, Ndokwa West local Government Area of Delta State, Nigeria. Some selected morphological, physical and chemical properties were assessed to determine the relationship and differences between both soils. The study established that the soils were generally low in selected physiochemical properties. The upland and swampland soils deferred significantly (P < 0.05) in sand, clay, bulk density, exchangeable cation and silt contents. The upland soils had the highest values in sand particles, and ranged from 87.7 to 95.1%. Clay and silt contents in swampland soils were much higher than in the upland soils, with clay values ranging from 5.8 to 28.4% and silt ranging from 1.2 to 5.6%. The top soils contained higher levels of organic matter and total nitrogen than the subsoils.  Available P (phosphorus) obtained were generally low in both the upland and swampland soils. Both values ranged from 2.15 to 7.42ppm. Morphologically, the major differences between both soils were in soil colour, mottles and submergence of soils by water. From the study there were fluctuations in the coefficients of variation of the physical and chemical properties, and were generally throughout the profiles within the upland soils and this could be attributed to human activities, cultural practices, excessive crop cultivation and climatic conditions. It was recommended that good soil management, such as application of organic and inorganic amendment, for sustainable crop yield and soil conservation in the area should be applied.


Comparison, Upland, Swampland, Morphologically and Physiochemical Properties

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