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JAFE Vol. 6 (1): 10-18, 2019


Bioinformatic Analysis of Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 Gene of Three Avian Species

Egom, M.A., *Ndofor-Foleng, H.M., Iloghalu, O.G., Ikeh, N.E., Onodugo, M.O., Okenyi, N. and Agu, C.I.

In recent times, attention has been focused on the study of Insulin-like Growth factor-1 (IGF-1) due to its biological functions such as; stimulating systemic body growth, regulating cell growth and cell development. A bioinformatics study was done to investigate the Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 gene of some avian species (turkey, chicken and quail). Nucleotide sequences and their corresponding proteins of the insulin-like growth factor-1 gene were obtained from the Genebank (a public domain protein database) and were analyzed using various software tools (Clustal W, MEGA 6, dnaSP, and BLAST) to determine the percent identity and similarities in function, genetic diversity and evolutionary relationship of the IGF-1 gene. From the results seen in this study, percent identity and similarity of the IGF-1 gene in avian ranged from 86-99%, thus indicating similarity in function in the species. Also genetic diversity was high within each avian (1.000 in turkey, 0.900 in chicken and 1.000 in quail). However chicken had the highest haplotype number value (4), an indication that chicken has more variation than turkey and quail in IGF-1 gene sequence. Phylogenetic study showed that the IGF-1 gene sequence of avian were grouped into the same taxon, chicken and quail shared a most recent common ancestor and were closely related than the IGF-1 gene sequence of turkey. In conclusion, the high percent identity and similarity in function, high genetic diversity, and a close relative relatedness in the phylogentic tree of IGF-1 gene seen in this study make the gene highly effective in improving growth and regulating cellular activities.


Bioinformatics, Insulin-like Growth factor-1, GeneBank, avian

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